A senior level social worker, holistic psychotherapist, and educator with more than 25 years of local and national experience in the fields of wellness, healing, stress management, and program development, I have taught and lectured throughout the Upper Midwest, including at the University of Minnesota, Lakeview Hospital, IBM, Cargill, and The William Mitchel School of Law.

In 2004, I founded the Center for Integrated Well-Being, Inc. (CIWB), a holistic psychotherapy practice. Through best practices and strategies in mental healthcare, I have developed skill sets centered on approaches supporting mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  With these approaches, I artfully craft holistic, therapeutic interventions to assist you in meeting your goals while honoring your strengths, fostering insights, and educating you with enduring perspectives and skills.

Through CIWB, I also facilitate men’s groups, run retreats, and provide supervision, consultations, and lead trainings for mental health professionals on the artful use of integrative psychotherapy, which is my signature work in mental healthcare.  My current focus is on supporting male clients in holistically thriving across all areas of life.

I advocate that, with ourselves and with others, we must be aware, accountable, and ever courageous about examining blockages to transformation, and about taking bold steps to living a life with deeper authenticity. By removing blockages, embracing and building excellent skills, and using them effectively, we move closer to the state of integrated balance that is our natural birthright as humans.

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