Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your guidance, reflection and insight.  Thank you for helping me build my foundation.    —Rachelle

You may never know or understand the healing heart opening your presence triggered in my life; I am grateful your spirit journeyed for mine. I will remember you, always sending love, gratitude, and a prayer that your heart’s dreams unfold in this lifetime.     —Mary

As I have journeyed through each risk to new hope and fuller life, your guidance, care, compassion and gentle pushing have been blessings without measure.  Thank you for the work we have shared.  I know the work ahead is possible and filled with freedom.  You are a gift!    —Nela

This [men’s archetype] series was awesome, I increased my awareness, familiarity and trust in the profound intelligence of the unconscious/conscious interplay.  The King archetype activated powerful changes inside me and highlighted my father-wounds in beautifully meaningful ways.    —Armand

I’d been doing the “work” of inner healing for decades, but with all that work, I still found myself stuck in ways that were causing quite a bit of dysfunction, pain, and even despair in my relationships.  I finally realized that there was a deeper emotional/physical component to these issues, and decided to try the AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) work to clear these.  WOW, what a difference!  Each time I have done an AIT session with you, I have become more deeply connected to the feelings and beliefs that were underneath that dysfunction, etc.  The amazing result: in a matter of an hour or two, getting free to move forward with peace, ease, and even joy, in areas that had been blocked for decades.  Just incredible.  I can’t thank you enough.     —Victoria

The archetype men’s group was very enriching. I have grown from it immensely in sub-conscious awareness, which feels like a new found spiritual practice; it is mind-blowing.    —Roger

I feel I have grown from this [men’s] group series significantly, my psychological scope is wider and certainly deeper.    —Mic

I had a great time and appreciated everything I did.  I think my gift, my lesson, my opportunity was the chance to be seen and respected as the man I’ve become in the eyes of other men.     —David

In Jeffry’s archetype series, I found the group interactions and talking with the men to be very worth while.  Delving into and engaging the Guru and Lover archetypes helped me to gain deep insights.    —Reggie

You have lightened my heart and helped me soar.  You have brightened my smile so now it is dazzling.  You have brought peace to my soul and made me shine.  You are brilliant and I thank you!    —Ramona

You highlighted a common sense perspective that captured life’s true wisdom and truths.  I find myself regularly reflecting on the different archetypes you mentioned and holding myself accountable to the one I need to be aligning with each day.  If you want to thrive in life, Jeffry’s work will keep you on track.    —Jay




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